Plan Amendment and Termination
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The Board of Trustees reserves the right to terminate or amend the Plan including the right to amend or terminate benefits or eligibility for any class of participant, including retirees, when in their sole discretion they determine such action is in the best interest of the Fund and its participants. In addition, the Plan may be terminated by the Trustees if there is no longer an agreement in effect between the Employers and the Union requiring contributions to the Electrical Welfare Trust Fund.

Should the Plan terminate, the Trustees will apply remaining assets of the Fund to continue benefits beyond the date of termination. The Trustees reserve the right to amend the eligibility rules at the time of termination. All benefits are funded from current contributions and are not guaranteed. In any case, the Trustees will use any remaining assets of the Fund to provide benefits and pay administration expenses or otherwise to carry out the purpose of the Plan in accordance with the Plan Document and Trust Agreement until the entire remainder of the Fund has been disbursed.