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Electrical Welfare Trust Fund (EWTF) Office• Claims
• Eligibility
• Names of Participating Health Care Providers
• Hearing Benefits
• Death Benefits
(301) 731-1050
1 (800) 929-EWTF (3983)
Fax (301) 731-1065
If you have to dial a one (1) for long distance and are calling from surrounding states, call 1-800-929-EWTF or e-mail at
UnitedHealthcare (UHC) Choice Plus Preferred Network• Referrals to Doctors, Hospitals, and Specialists
• All Claims other than Dental and Medicare
• Prior Authorization
• Healthy Pregnancy Program
• Note: Providers of services must contact the UHC Choice Plus provider service unit for information about your benefits and claims status. If a provider contacts the Fund Office, they will be referred to UHC Choice Plus.
UnitedHealthcare Bariatric Resource Service (BRS)• Bariatric Surgery Benefits
• Authorizations for Bariatric Surgery
• Enrollment for Bariatric Surgery
CIGNA Dental NetworkReferrals to In-Network Dental Providers800-797-3381
Vision Service Plan (VSP)Referrals to Participating Vision Providers1-800-877-7195
Business Health Services Employee Assistance Program (EAP)• Mental Health and Substance Misuse Benefits
• Referrals
• Counseling
CVS Caremark• Prescription Drug Prior Authorizations
• Specialty Pharmacy
TelligenCase Management1-888-234-4090
Teladoc• Remote Medical Diagnosis
• Remote Mental Health Assistance