Hearing Aid Benefits


  • The Plan will pay 80% up to $100 of the cost of a hearing exam once every three years.

  • If you need a hearing aid, the Plan will reimburse charges up to a maximum of $3,000 for your first hearing aid and $1,000 for your second hearing aid.

Note: This benefit provided for Standard Plan (full) coverage only; no provision for “H” Plan (limited) coverage. 

The Plan provides hearing care benefits once every three (3) years for you and your eligible family members. Before purchasing hearing aids, please contact the Fund Office to verify eligibility for this benefit.

What You Need To Do

The Plan provides for hearing aid exams without requiring a referral; however, a referral is required from your physician or certified audiologist to purchase hearing aids. Subsequent hearing aid exams and purchases will not require an additional referral. Next, you should obtain your hearing exam and submit your claim to the Fund Office for reimbursement of eligible expenses.

Repairs to a hearing aid will be a covered benefit that will count as a new hearing aid for purposes of the maximum amount allowed for the hearing aid benefit.

What’s Not Covered

  • Battery replacements for hearing aids;
  • Hearing aid purchases without an initial referral from a physician and/or non-licensed audiologist.
  • Hearing aids or examinations for their prescription or fitting other than what’s provided in the hearing aid benefit.

Please see Specific Plan / Benefits Exclusions and General Plan Exclusions for an in-depth listing of your Plan’s exclusions.