Things That Make You Go…ACHOO!

Birds, bees, and things that make you sneeze; that’s what springtime is made of. That’s right; the birds are chirping, the sun is out, bees are busy making our flowers grow and your eyes are too swollen and nose too stuffy to appreciate the arrival of a new season. With 50 million Americans who suffer from allergies—30% of all adults and 40% of all children—you and your congested head are not alone.

Our Local 26 EWTF members and their dependents can meet allergy season head-on with a visit to a specialty provider, such as an allergist, without any referral or prior authorization. Prescriptions for allergy medication can be filled under our EWTF prescription plan. While some medications may require your provider to obtain prior authorization from our prescription benefit manager CVS Caremark, this step should be transparent to the member. Generic medication filled at a CVS pharmacy is just a $10 co-pay, brand-name drugs are just a $25 co-pay, and non-preferred brand-name prescriptions are just a $35 co-pay. You may choose to fill your non-maintenance prescriptions at a pharmacy other than CVS, but your prescription may cost you more. Maintenance drugs must be filled at a CVS pharmacy or through the CVS mail order program to receive the plan’s benefits. You don’t have to suffer; you are covered!