Ahhh…I See What You Are Saying

If you are an allergy sufferer and have to view springtime through watery, itchy eyes or if you have ever injured your eyes, you know how precious good vision and eye health can be. Do you know that in addition to prescription eyeglasses, prescription safety glasses are also covered under our EWTF vision plan?

Safety glasses are available to active, working members once every calendar year with lenses covered at 100% and frames covered up to $65 plus 20% of any out-of-pocket expense using a VSP provider.

Participants can visit a VSP provider for vision exams and a vision analysis at no cost once every calendar year. Prescription lenses are covered at 100% of the allowable charge once per year and eyeglass frames are covered up to $150 every two years. Contacts are covered up to $100 every two years.