Don’t Strike Out at the Concession Stand

If taking in a ball game this spring is on your roster, don’t lose count of your healthy eating plan and strike out at the concession stand. Stadium food is certainly not known for its low-calorie count and high nutrition. After all, where do you think Ball Park Franks got their name?

With a little lead-off planning, and resisting temptation of course, you can enjoy the game and still feel proud of yourself the next day (even if your fan-antics made it on the jumbotron!). Before heading to the game, look online to learn the concession stand options at your ballpark. Most venues offer at least a few healthier options. They just aren’t always conveniently located, so you may have to walk around the concourse a bit.

Many parks now offer salads, vegan hotdogs and burgers, turkey burgers, grain bowls, even sushi. And, a few parks, Camden Yards in Baltimore and Nationals Park in D.C. among them, allow fans to bring in their own food.