From the Bullpen

You may be wondering what’s going on with Through the Wire, the EWTF publication. This newsletter doesn’t look anything like the magazine you’ve come to love. No, it doesn’t; but it was time for us to take a look in the mirror at our body of work and make some healthy changes. We’ve smoothed out some wrinkles and breathed new life into our information delivery so that you, our participants, can live your best life.

You are looking at the new Through the Wire, and, you are going to see us more often than ever before—every month to be exact. We hope this new, monthly Through the Wire newsletter informs you and excites you about the benefits you have in the palm of your hand, and motivates you to put these benefits to work for you and your family. And, if our old magazine still has a place in your heart, don’t worry because it has a place in ours, too, and we plan to also create some special-edition magazine-format Through the Wire publications during the year as the opportunities present.

We hope you enjoy the read and enjoy the ride!

Mike McCarron
Fund Administrator