June is National Men’s Health Month and just like women, men have a Top 10 list of their own when it comes to the health risks they face.

The Top 10 health risks challenging men today are:
1.  Cardiovascular Disease
3.  Skin Cancer
4.  Prostate Cancer
5.  Testicular Cancer
6.  Colon Cance
7.  Alcohol-Related Issues
8.  Respiratory Illness
9.  Viruses
10.  Injuries

Many of the Top 10 are either preventable or highly treatable with early detection (we’re lookin’ at you colon cancer, prostate cancer and skin cancer). But, listen up, guys; you need to do your part and take advantage of your EWTF health care benefits which cover doctors’ visits, screenings/tests, and treatment. Attend to your body as if it’s the only one you’ve got…because it is!