Got Leave?

The EWTF provides a Pregnancy Leave Benefit to active participants (not spouses, daughters, or other dependents) should the participant be unable to work during any part of her last 13 weeks of pregnancy. This benefit is only payable if the participant is not receiving a disability benefit or paid leave from any other source.

Pregnant participants who are not able to work as a direct result of their pregnancy during any part of the last 13 weeks of their pregnancy will be eligible to receive a weekly benefit equal to the lesser of: (i) 50% of their gross weekly wages based on a 40 hour work week; or (ii) $1,000, for up to 13 weeks. The 13-week period will be determined based on the due date provided by the participant’s obstetrician (“Due Date”). If the participant does not give birth by the Due Date, this benefit may be extended for the lesser of: (a) two weeks; or (b) until the participant gives birth. This benefit is payable only if the participant is not receiving a disability benefit or paid leave benefit from any other source. During any period in which a participant is receiving this pregnancy leave benefit, her hours bank will be frozen, meaning there will be no additions or subtractions to the hours bank during this time. However, the participant will receive hours credit solely for the purpose of maintaining eligibility during the pregnancy leave benefit period. This benefit is available only to participants It is not available to dependent spouses or daughters.