Dental Shared Administration Network – Dental PPO

As of March 1, 2016, your dental coverage will be provided by Cigna Dental PPO Shared Administration Plus, a dental network access program offered by Cigna Dental to the Electrical Welfare Trust Fund.

You will be receiving a new ID card in the mail that contains the Cigna logo as well as some essential information to use when accessing your new dental benefits.  This information includes:

Send Claims to: EWTF, PO Box 21274, Eagan, MN 55121
To Find a Provider: or 800-797-3381 (Toll Free)
To Verify Eligibility: 301-731-1050
Plan ID: 3339689

Please begin to use your new card with the Cigna dental logo for services received on and after March 1, 2016.

For dental claims with dates of service before March 1, 2016, your dental coverage is through OneNet PPO.

If you have any questions about your new dental coverage, please contact the Trust Fund Office at 301-731-1050.

No Annual Limit for Children under Age 18

Effective January 1, 2011 there is no longer an annual limit for covered dental services for children between birth and through age 17.  Orthodontics are covered under the Plan for dependent children up to age 26. The maximum lifetime orthodontia benefit for dependent children up to age 26 is $3,000. This $3,000 orthodontic maximum is in addition to the “regular” annual dental maximum of $3,000.

No Dental Deductible

Dental services are no longer applied to an annual deductible.

Preventive, Basic and Major (Restorative) Services

Participants and their covered family members that visit a participating dentist in the dental network will enjoy a higher percentage paid on services classified by the EWTF as Preventive and Major/Restorative Services. Although services classified by the EWTF as Basic Services are paid at the same percentage, participants that go to a non-participating dentist are also responsible for any charges above the allowed amount.

 Preventive Services

Percentage  Paid on
Allowed Amount

Basic Services

Percentage Paid on
Allowed Amount

Major Services

Percentage Paid on
Allowed Amount

Participating Network Dentist

100 80 80


80 80 50

* Participants are responsible for the patient’s portion plus any amount above the allowed amount.

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