Wellness Exchange, Tip Sheet & Cafe Series

Wellness Exchange, Tip Sheet & Cafe Series

Your Employee Assistance Provider (EAP), Business Health Service (BHS), provides a monthly newsletter for the participants of the EWTF Plan for download or to review online.  If you wish to download a copy of the Wellness Exchange or the Tip Sheet you will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® software to do so. Click here if you wish to have this free software installed on your computer.

February 2020

Wellness Exchange – The Power of Forgiveness

Tips to Enhance Your Well-being – Raise Your Emotional Intelligence at Work

Cafe Series – Understanding Forgiveness


Past Newsletters and Tips


January 2020

Wellness Exchange – Looking at Happiness as a Choice

Tip Sheet –

Tips to Enhance Your Well-being – Smart Tips

Cafe Series – Mindful Meal Planning


December 2019

Wellness Exchange – Seven Ways to Beat the Burnout Blues

Tip Sheet – Holiday Entertaining on a Sensible Budget

Tips to Enhance Your Well-being – Improving Your Productivity

Cafe Series – Putting Out the Fire: Preventing and Managing Burnout


November 2019

Wellness Exchange – How to Lower Your Financial Stress

Tip Sheet – Healthy Changes for Staying Young

Tips to Enhance Your Well-being – Make a List, Check it Twice – Ways to Keep Holiday Spending Under Control

Cafe Series – Money is Emotional: Prevent Your Heart from Hijacking Your Wallet


October 2019

Wellness Exchange – 12 Ways to Keep the Holidays Stress-Free

Tip Sheet – For Peace of Mind, Act Instead of React

Tips to Enhance Your Well-being – Help for the Holiday Blues

Cafe Series – 5 Strategies to Actually Enjoy the Holidays This Year


September 2019

Wellness Exchange – Your Teen’s SOS Signals

Tip Sheet – Nutrition and the Family

Tips to Enhance Your Well-being – How to Let Go of Growing Kids

Cafe Series – Funding College: 5 Steps Every Family Can Use to Build a Successful Plan


August 2019

Wellness Exchange – Work Right: How to Improve Your Productivity

Tip Sheet – The Anatomy of a Simple Will, and Why You May Need One

Tips to Enhance Your Well-being – Secrets to Building Your Confidence at Work

Cafe Series – Mastering the Business of Workplace Etiquette


July 2019

Wellness Exchange – Positive Ways to Accept Criticism

Tip Sheet – Sun Safety

Tips to Enhance Your Well-being – Listening Tips for Difficult Situations

Cafe Series – Uncovering Unconscious Beliefs


June 2019

Wellness Exchange – Using Your Mind to Heal Your Body

Tip Sheet – Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease

Tips to Enhance Your Well-being – Control Breathing, Control Stress

Cafe Series – Master Your Mind: Emotional and Physical Connections


May 2019

Wellness Exchange – Curb Emotional Eating

Tip Sheet – Why You Should Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Tips to Enhance Your Well-being – Where to Turn for Mental Health

Cafe Series – Letting Your Emotions Interfere with Eating


April 2019

Wellness Exchange – Less Is More How to Simplify Your Life

Tip Sheet –

Tips to Enhance Your Well-being – Organize Your Home Life

Cafe Series – Clear Your Clutter: A Comprehensive Guide


March 2019

Wellness Exchange –  Coping with Workplace Change

Tip Sheet –  Mind Over Money: Creating a Spending Plan You Can Stick To

Tips to Enhance Your Well-being – Coping with Major Life Changes

Cafe Series –  Resilience in Times of Change


February 2019

Wellness Exchange –  Taxes 101 – What You Know May Impact What You Owe

Tip Sheet –  Seven Steps to Lower Your Taxes

Tips to Enhance Your Well-being – Coping With a Traumatic Event

Cafe Series –  Tax Saving Strategies


January 2019

Wellness Exchange –  How to Develop a Can-do Personality

Tip Sheet –  Strategies to Living the Life You Want

Cafe Series –


December 2018

Wellness Exchange –  Using Your Mind to Heal Your Body

Tip Sheet –  Get a Jump-Start on Health

Cafe Series –  Mindfulness in the Workplace


November 2018

Wellness Exchange –  How to be Assertive at Work

Tip Sheet –  Perform Under Pressure

Cafe Series –  Five Generations in One Workplace


October 2018

Wellness Exchange –  Your 401(k) and Prudently Managing It

Tip Sheet –  How Much Money Will You Need When You Retire

Cafe Series –  Investing 101


September 2018

Wellness Exchange –  How to Plan for Long-Term Care

Tip Sheet –  Improve Their Quality of Life

Cafe Series –  Legal and Financial Aspects of Eldercare


August 2018

Wellness Exchange –  Dealing with Cranky Co-workers

Tip Sheet –  How to Cope with Difficult Personalities

Cafe Series –  Managing Negative People


July 2018

Wellness Exchange –  What is Internet Addiction?

Tip Sheet –  Understanding and Managing Your Digital Footprint

Cafe Series –  Harnessing the Power of Social Media


June 2018

Wellness Exchange – Understanding the Stress/Health Connection

Tip Sheet – Planning Strategies for Home and Work

Cafe Series – Minimizing Worry to Maximize Your Life


May 2018

Wellness Exchange – The Right Estate Plan for You

Tip Sheet – How Much Money Will You Need When You Retire?

Cafe Series – Painless Estate Planning


April 2018

Wellness Exchange – The Advantages of a Simple Living Trust

Tip Sheet – Helping Children Transition Through Major and Minor Changes

Cafe Series – The Thriving Family: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Resilient Kids


March 2018

Wellness Exchange – Reducing Workplace Stress

Tip Sheet –  Work Right to Improve Your Productivity

Cafe Series – Work Place Differences: A Matter of Style


February 2018

Wellness Exchange – What Will You Do When You Retire?

Tip Sheet –  A Woman’s Guide to Beating Heart Disease

Cafe Series –Eat Your Way to Better Health


 January 2018

Wellness Exchange – Five Financial Resolutions for a Prosperous New Year

Tip Sheet –  Everything in Moderation: The Money Diet

Cafe Series – 2018 Cafe Series Calendar


December 2017

Wellness Exchange – Mindfulness Matters: Can Living in the Moment Improve Your Health?

Tip Sheet –  Tips for Driving After Age 60

Cafe Series – Give the Gift of Presence


November 2017

Wellness Exchange – Communicating Effectively with the Elderly

Tip Sheet –  Make A List, Check It Twice – Ways to Keep Holiday Spending Under Control

Cafe Series – Ground Yourself with Gratitude


October 2017

Wellness Exchange – How to Sit More Comfortably on the Job

Tip Sheet – Setting Personal Financial Goals

Cafe Series – Turn Over a New Leaf


September 2017

Wellness Exchange – Living a Life in Balance

Tip Sheet – Recognizing the Warning Signs

Cafe Series – Power Up and Balance


August 2017

Wellness Exchange – Making Time for Yourself and Your Family

Tip Sheet – Building Skills That Enhance Relationships

Cafe Series – Make It a Family Affair


July 2017

Wellness Exchange – Heat Stress in Older Adults

Tip Sheet – The Power of Meditation

Cafe Series – Salute to Safety


June 2017

Wellness Exchange – Motivation for Diet and Exercise

Tip Sheet – PTSD and the Family

Cafe Series – Share the Warmth


May 2017

Wellness Exchange – Building Self-Esteem in Children

Tip Sheet – Are You a Good Decision Maker?

Cafe Series – Brighter Days Ahead


April 2017

Wellness Exchange – Mindfulness and the Treatment of Traumatic Stress

Tip Sheet – Laughing Your Way to a Strong Immune System

Cafe Series – Shower Yourself With Care


March 2017

Wellness Exchange – Estate Planning: Get Organized Now

Tip Sheet – Five Steps to Better Memory

Cafe Series – Better Health From A to Zzz’s


February 2017

Wellness Exchange – Making Your Lifestyle Heart Healthy

Tip Sheet – Living with a Chronic Health Condition

Cafe Series – Kindness is Contagious


January 2017

Wellness Exchange – Eight Ideas for a New Year’s Resolution Worth Keeping_Jan-2017

Tip Sheet – Go Green at Home, Save Money

Cafe Series – New Year, New Habits


December 2016

Wellness Exchange – Start Some Healthful Holiday Traditions

Tip Sheet – For Kids’ Sake: Think Toy Safety

Cafe Series – That’s a Wrap


November 2016

Wellness Exchange – Staying Positive When Life Seems Out of Your Control

Tip Sheet – Care Management Techniques You Can Use

Cafe Series – Give Thanks


October 2016

Wellness Exchange – Keeping Your Spirit Healthy

Tip Sheet – The First Step: Discussing the Need for Long-Term Care

Cafe Series – Stop and Listen

September 2016

Wellness Exchange – A Salad Lover’s Guide to Greens

Tip Sheet – Seek Success, But Skip the Stress

Cafe Series – Get on the Bus

August 2016

Wellness Exchange – Goal Setting for Everyday Success

Tip Sheet – How Hobbies Help Your Health

Cafe Series – See Your Way to a Healthy Month

July 2016

Wellness Exchange – Getting Your Freshman Off to College the Right Way

Tip Sheet – How Much Money Will You Need When You Retire?

Cafe Series – Stay Cool

June 2016

Welness Exchange – Less Is More: How to Simplify Your Life

Tip Sheet – Workplace Violence: Understand and Avoid It

Cafe Series – Don’t Stop Learning

May 2016

Wellness Exchange – Creating an Arthritis Action Plan

Tip Sheet – Sleep Disturbances

April 2016

Wellness Exchange – Great Ways to Motivate Your Team

Tip Sheet – When Teens Learn to Drive

Cafe Series – Spring into Better Health

March 2016

Wellness Exchange – All Foods Can Fit in Your Diet

Tip Sheet – Understanding Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Cafe Series – Get Your Head in the Game

February 2016

Wellness Exchange – Feet First: Choosing the Right Footwear

Tip Sheet – Cholesterol and Food

Cafe Series – Know Your Heart

January 2016

Wellness Exchange – Creating Your First Budget

Tip Sheet – Preventing Identity Theft

Cafe Series – Happy New You!

December 2015

Wellness Exchange – Help for the Holiday Blues

Tip Sheet – Staying Gluten-Free This Holiday Season

Cafe Series – Wrap Up the Year

November 2015

Wellness Exchange – Strategies to Fight Holiday Weight Gain

Tip Sheet – With Alzheimer’s Disease, Planning Is Key

Cafe Series – Take a Breath

October 2015

Wellness Exchange – Music as Therapy

Tip Sheet – Facts About Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Cafe Series – Stay Safe and Aware

September 2015

Wellness Exchange – Act Now to Lower Cholesterol

Tip Sheet – How to Get Your Kids in Shape

Cafe Series – Back to School with a Focus on Health

August 2015

Wellness Exchange – Effectively Caring for Aging Parents

Tip Sheet – Lightning Safety: Safe Shelters and Indoor Safety

Cafe Series – Keep Your Health in Sight

July 2015

Wellness Exchange – How to Have a Healthy Vacation

Tip Sheet – Prevent Heat-Related Illness

Cafe Series – Celebrate Safety Under the Sun!

BHS Wellness Bytes – Beat the Heat When Exercising Outdoors

Next Month’s Focus – July 2015

June 2015

Wellness Exchange – Screening for Men’s Health Problems

Tip Sheet – Helping Your Kid Manage Money and Opportunity on Their First Summer Job

Cafe Series – School’s Out. Knowledge is In.

May 2015

Wellness Exchange – Working Out While You Work

Tip Sheet – Understanding Your Mental Health in Times of War and Terrorism

Cafe Series – Good Morning, Sunshine


April 2015

Wellness Exchange – All About Stress

Tip Sheet – Social Drinking v. Problem Drinking


March 2015

Wellness Exchange – Nutrition and Disease Prevention

Tip Sheet – Colorectal Cancer

Cafe Series – Eat, Drink and Be Healthy!


February 2015

Wellness Exchange – Alcohol and Your Heart

Tip Sheet – Diabetes and Heart Disease


January 2015

Wellness Exchange – Make This Your Healthiest Year!

Tip Sheet – Maintaining a Healthy Weight


December 2014

Wellness Exchange – Keep Holiday Drinking Under Control

Tip Sheet – Your Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Cafe Series – Have a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season


November 2014

Wellness Exchange – The Great American Smokeout

Tip Sheet – Lung Cancer

October 2014

Wellness Exchange – Cancer Prevention

Tip Sheet – Understanding Domestic Violence


September 2014

Wellness Exchange – Get Your Kids in Shape

Tip Sheet – Critical Incident Stress Management: Coping with Trauma in the Workplace

Cafe Series – Be Prepared

August 2014

Wellness Exchange – Back to School Health & Safety Tips

Tip Sheet – Immunization Awareness Month

Cafe Series – Back to School

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