Family Health Benefits

Office Workers

Prior to the start of your eligibility, you will be sent notification from the Fund Office as well as more detailed information regarding the benefits summarized below. These benefits are available for you and your family when medically necessary and not the result of a work related accident.

This chart contains information on the benefits available for your work classification. If you are self-paying for your coverage due to disability or unemployment or are on COBRA, refer to the Summary Plan Description (SPD) for the benefits available to you and your eligible family members. Certain restrictions, limits, pre-authorizations, deductibles and co-pays apply.  Refer to the SPD for details.  If there is a discrepancy between the SPD and the Plan Document, the Plan Document governs.

Click here if you wish to see the benefits available to your covered spouse and eligible dependent children.

Office Worker (Non-Bargaining Unit Employee)
Eligibility Requirements Must be employed by signatory contractor offering Non-Bargaining Unit Employee coverage. Must work more than 80 hours a month. Coverage begins two months after first premium paid. Example: May premium gives July coverage.
Medical (office visits, doctor charges, etc.)
Well Woman
Routine Physicals
Lab & X-rays
Chiropractic care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, & speech therapy

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Hospitalization & Surgery
Maternity & Gynecological Care
Emergency Room
Employee Assistance Plan (Business Health Services)
Substance Abuse & Mental Health

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Prescription Drugs 
Accidental Dismemberment & Loss of Sight
Weekly Accident & Sickness
Supplemental Occupational Benefit
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