You are eligible to participate in the Plan when you begin working in covered employment in a job covered by a collective bargaining agreement (or other written agreement) between your employer and Local 26, which requires your employer to make contributions to the Plan on your behalf. An Individual Account will be established in your name when the Plan first receives employer contributions made on your behalf.

Generally, only members of a bargaining unit represented by IBEW Local 26 may participate in the Plan. However, some employers have entered into a special Participation Agreement with the Trustees that allows their employees to participate. In addition, you are not eligible to participate if you are a sole proprietor, are a partner in a partnership, or own or control at least 15% of any class of the outstanding stock of an incorporated employer. Once you become a Participant in the Plan, it is your duty to report to the Trustees, in writing, any change in your employment status that may make you ineligible to participate under this rule.

Certain employees of Local 26, the Local JATC, the Washington DC Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association and the Fund Office also participate in the Plan. Contributions by these employers are subject to the terms and conditions of Participation Agreements between the employer and the Trustees.

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